Microsoft licensed software

Mobinet LLC, an official partner of Microsoft Corporation, offers all types of official licensed software for the use of individuals and organizations for the purpose of supporting licensed software applications. The engineering team with Microsoft certificate will cooperate with you and provide you with professional advices.

Use of licensed software will:

  • Improve work performance;
  • Allow you to use all the features of the given software 100%;
  • Ensure reliable operation of the software free of any error or trouble.
  • Allow you to use any updates as soon as they are introduced
  • Allow you to use it legally with an official authorization.

Service features

  • Engineering team with Microsoft certificate
  • Customer support service center
  • All types of software are supplied according to the orders
  • Flexible pricing terms depending on quantity of purchases

Types of Microsoft software:

  • FPP (full packaged product): It is tangible for of all types of Microsoft software sealed in boxes. It is advantageous as it can be installed and used in many computers.
  • OEI (Original Equipment Installer): This type of application system is more suitable for use in a new computer. One OEI can be installed only on one computer in contrast to FFP;
  • OLP (Open License Product): It is a simple license form that is most suitable for use in medium to large organizations with more than 5 PCs. Since it is cheaper compared with the FFP form, it gives an organization to save its expenses. Also, it can be supplied in the shortest time.

It becomes possible to select and install the most suitable version of the Office application software on your PC, tablet or mobile phone and use wherever you go.

Windows Server 2012 R2 system is the most suitable system at the present time of rapid IT development. 

  • Data Center
  • Highly virtualized private and hybrid cloud environments
  • Standard
  • Low destiny or non-virtualized environments
  • Essentials
  • Small business environments for servers with up to two processors
  • Foundation

Economical general purpose server with a single processor

We offer you the faster, more powerful and safer new generation application system that lets you feel the impressive gorgeous design

  • Gives you the familiar desktop with its taskbar and Start button, plus a beautiful new Start screen that you can customize with your favorite apps, people, and sites so that everything you love is just a tap or click away.
  • professional
  • Help you easily connect to company networks, access one PC from another, encrypt your data, and more.
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