Corporate directory line service

We provide an optimal solution to your corporate directory service needs with advanced directory service, human resource, and operational management.

Your benefits:

  • Save cost and time on starting your operations
  • No need to train new staff for directory line
  • Your company can focus on its main operations
  • Outpace your competitors with excellent customer care services
  • No need to invest in modern advanced directory service technology
  • A flexible adjustment on call traffic depending on the market demand and seasonal changes
  • Respond to every single call from your customers and provide a quality service and increase marketing efficiency
  • Receive customer data and inquiries on the phone, via e-mail as well as through an online chat system 
  • Provide informative reports that can directly benefit your company’s marketing, sales, operations as well as decision-making.
  • Lower operations cost and raise efficiency
Outbound call

Our professionally trained operators will communicate with customers of your choice on the phone with designated programming software and provide information related to your products and services in an engaging and timely manner.

Your benefits:

  • Your information will be communicated through experienced research personnel on a daily basis.
  • All customer feedback and inquiries are stored so that you can reflect on them to improve your operations
  • We use France’s Alcatel Lucent programs which allows for up to 50 employees simultaneously making calls, all non-manual, which saves time.
  • You can conduct on-time monitoring and improve your information delivery and enrich your content at the same time.
  • All calls are recorded in various forms so that you can replay any desired call and check on the progress
Our advantages

Our advantages:

  • We are fully equipped with world standard directory service programs and technology of Alcatel’s directory service.
  • We have introduced ISO 9001 2008 quality standard directory service management in our operations
  • We have a directory service human resource training and monitoring system with a patent from Mongolian Intellectual Property
  • We have a wide range of expertise in introducing this technology to Mobicom group and other corporate organizations.

Service opportunities:

  • Directory line service: We can provide you with human resources, software and operations management on directory line.
  • Software leasing service: You can lease the directory line software, equipment and devices and we can make sure your software works in-sync.
Contact us

If you are interested in telemarketing, and advertisement as well as  research, or if you wish to become a subscriber of this service, please contact us at the following:

  • E-mail:
  • Directory: 2222 (toll-free from Mobicom’s network)
  • 1800-2222 (other operators)


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