Organization of LAN

The purpose of this service is to organize the customer premises LAN equipment and cables in an orderly manner consistent with the work environment of the employees using materials and tools that meets the standard requirements, to meet the information and communication requirements of the customers fully, and create a LAN network with high reliability, privacy and security that creates internal network system. gives the possibility of information exchange between the employees.

Expected results of the service performance:

  • The given organization’s LAN will be established newly in an orderly manner;
  • A reliable and secure internal network will be created for ensuring information exchange between employees;
  • The organization’s Office software, application systems and antivirus software will have official licenses;
  • The organization will have internal communication telephones that can make free calls between the branches of the organization and outgoing calls to the external operator networks at cheap rates;
  • It becomes possible to control and set up the network equipment.