Call roaming

Activating call roaming

At the moment, only post-paid customers can use call roaming service and it is required to place 500,000₮ as a service deposit. If you activated an international roaming service and placed a deposit of 200,000₮, you can activate call roaming service on your phone number by placing additional deposit of 300,000₮.

Please, be noted that in order to activate call roaming service, individual and business subscribers must visit a service branch personally with the following documents to sign an additional contract.

The citizen ID card, if you are an individual user,
Official request letter of the organization, if you are a business user.

If a customer does not want to use data/ internet service, he/she can send an OFF Data text to the special number 599 via text or a service staff. The user may send an ON Data text to the special number 599 via text for restoring the service.

The data service payment may vary depending on the rates of the operators of the country, where you are travelling, and we advise you to get detailed information about the rates of the foreign countries before travelling abroad. Tarif info

Service termination

  • A customer must visit a service branch of Mobicom in person to terminate his/her call roaming service.
  • In the event if a user fails to terminate the service, and to withdraw the deposit, the cell roaming service will continue to be active.

Text roaming


All prepaid and post-paid customers of Mobicom can use the text roaming service. No deposit is required and it is enough to have a sufficient number of units in his/ her account.

You should text ON to the special number 599 30 minutes before departure to a foreign country. You will receive a text confirming that the text roaming service is activated,your outgoing and incoming calls will be closed automatically and only text roaming service will be activated. Also, you can approach to the service branches or the special number 1800-2222 for activating the text roaming service. After returning from a foreign country, you can text OFF to the special number 599 for terminating the text roaming service.

In case of a customer, who activated the text roaming service, the data / internet/ MSS services are closed and, if the customer wants to use them, the user can get them to open by text or by approaching to a service staff. Also, the customer will be able to use these services by texting ON DATA to the special number 599. In order to close the data / internet/ MSS services, an OFF DATA text should be sent to the special number 599.

A post-paid customer’s text roaming service will be restricted when his/ her bill exceeds 300,000₮. In order to reactivate the service, the user may place another deposit of 300,00₮ via someone living in Mongolia. For a prepaid customer the right to use the text roaming service will be limited by the units available in his/ her account. The customer should top-up his/ her account with units in order to reactivate the text roaming service.


Data/internet roaming

A post-paid customer may use the data / internet/ MSS roaming services after getting the call and text roaming services activated.

If a customer activated only call roaming service, the data access will be active. But if the customer activated only text roaming service, he/she is required to text ON DATA to the special number 599 in order to activate the data access.

The customer will receive a text confirming the service activation (Please, be noted that the data service payment may vary depending on the rates of the foreign country where you are travelling.

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