Quality, Cost and Delivery

  • We prioritize quality, cost and delivery efficiency by cooperating closely with our partners. Openness and fairness

Openness and fairness

  • The entire procurement shall comply with both domestic and overseas relative laws, rules and contracts while every supplier shall be given equal opportunity in competition based selection.

Mutually beneficial partnership

  • Through our procurement activity we strive to create a long term partnership with all our suppliers based on mutual trust, respect and understanding where we grow together.


  • The safety shall always be carefully considered in every step of the procurement and logistics operation.

Environment friendly procurement

  • When conducting procurement operation, we consider environmental conservation throughout our supply chain and support green innovation.

Information confidentiality

  • Any confidential information obtained during procurement shall be kept confidential and non-disclosed.

Supplier selection

Mobicom Corporation LLC considers goods or services purchase amount, availability in the market and competition between suppliers in the supplier selection process while complying with its Procurement Rule.

Procurement process 

Online registration

This online registration is addressed to assist you to become a supplier of Mobicom Corporation LLC, establish a cooperation basis and deliver the information of your goods and services and intended for saving your time and providing degree of simplicity and potential business opportunities.

  • Information of your company and proposed goods and services shall be directly delivered to the Procurement Department of Mobicom and stored in the Vendor master data, so that we will be able to contact with you and send our cooperation proposal when necessary.       
  • While registering, please confirm you have met above mentioned requirements and provide relevant evidences on compliance.  Register now, click here.
  • All your information and data provided shall only be visible to you, and you will be able to access to your personal data page with your password and change or update your information

By registering to this page, I agree the following terms and conditions:

  • All the information including company profile, cooperation proposal, quotation or any other information suppliers provide to Mobicom shall be true and the supplier shall be responsible for the authenticity of the information.
  • Mobicom shall have a full right to make use of the submitted information for business purpose only.
  • Supplier shall fulfill its obligations under the agreement throughout the cooperation.
  • Supplier shall be responsible to keep confidential or non-disclose any confidential information they obtained during cooperation at all times.


Service providers and suppliers of goods shall be in compliance with the following general requirements:

General requirements for suppliers

  • Suppliers shall be able to accept and conduct their activities in accordance with Mobicom’s procurement procedures and applicable Mongolian and other related countries’ laws and regulations, and international standards.

Business ethic

  • Suppliers shall comply with Mongolian laws, rules, regulations of the authorities and follow ethical norms.
  • Suppliers shall not disclose confidential information obtained during contract period.

Occupational safety, and health requirements

  • Supplier’s goods and services shall meet the international and Mongolian OHSAS standards, OHSAS law of Mongolia, Mobicom’s OHSAS monitoring on operation rule and other related rules.
  • Suppliers shall have OHSAS policy, plan, dedicated employee, safety uniform with their logo, all other necessary facilities, and assessment plan on minimization of risk.

Environmental safety

  • Suppliers shall supply goods and services which has no harm to the environment.
  • Suppliers shall have policy and analysis on minimizing potential negative side effect of the supplied goods and services on the environment in the future.

Transparency and fairness

  • Suppliers shall report their financial documents to the authority accurately and be able to provide with requested information.
  • Suppliers shall not influence, promise or give employees and the management of Mobicom any gifts or services for free of charge.

Mobicom Corporation LLC Head office


Address:        Sambuu street 47, POB-38 Chingeltei district, Ulaanbaatar 211213, Mongolia

Location:        West side of Tedy centre

E-mail:           procurementd@mobicom.mn

Tel:                 976-75759944

Fax:               976 -11 -319179