Is it possible to use this service in a way other than installing an application on my PC?

  1. Besides installing the application on your PC, you can use MNP75 service by using an internet based fixed phone or mobile phones with Symbian, Apple iOS, Google Android operating systems.

Is it possible to make a call from the MNP75 phone number?

  1. 2. Yes. You can make a phone call to over 260 countries of the world by dialing *+ country code+ phone number. For example, dial *821056948751 and push the Call button directly. Get the international call rates and other details, visit

If the MNP75 number is not used, will it be deactivated?

  1. If a new MNP75 number is not used within 180 days after the date of purchase, the number will be invalidated.

Is it possible to restore the invalidated number?

  1. Yes. Your number will be retained for a period of 6 months after its invalidation and you can reactivate your number by paying the number retaining service fee of 3,000₮ per month and recharging the account with a phone card that extends the service term.

How to change the user password?

  1. A user can click on the link and enter the user menu section by entering the phone number and password, and then change the password by selecting the password change submenu.

What to do if a user forgot his or her password?

  1. 6. The user can get its password restored by visiting Mobicom service centers with his or her ID. If you live in a foreign country, you can send your request for changing your password at the email address together with the information containing your full name, contact phone number, email address, ID and personal registration number as well as the approximate balance of the account, and we can change the your password depending on whether the information matches with the user data or not.

Will an additional fee be added to the mobile phone bill if 7575 calls are made by using Mobicom 3G mobile phone?

  1. The Mobicom 3G service fee will be charged at the rate of 9₮ per 1Kbit.

How much fee (how many bits) is added on top of the 3G user bill when mobile phone MNP75 software is downloaded into the phone?

  1. The software is downloaded just once. 18,2MB or approximately 1,678₮ is added just once in the case of the (iOS) App store; 9,51MB or approximately 877₮ in the case of the (Android) Play store,and 1,3 MB or approximately 121₮in the case of (Symbian).

Whether a person living abroad can purchase and use MNP75 service number?

  1. It is possible to purchase from a contracted dealer in the given country or through the website directly by using an international VISA card. If you purchase through the web site directly, please, select TDB Bank option.

Is ot required to activate roaming service when using my MNP75 number while I am abroad?

  1. Your phone must have with theSymbian, Apple iOS, Android operating systems. But, in case if you make a call by using the free WiFi Zone (in hotels, department stores, restaurants, etc.), no additional fee is added to your phone bill. Fees will be added only if chargeable internet is used.

Is it possible to check my account information when the MNP75 service is used by mobile phone?

  1. If iMobinet is used by a phone that supports Mobinet Symbian operating system, you can check your account balance. In other cases, you can enter link to check your account balance.

How much money is added if a user downloads the software on a foreign operator’s mobile phone and makes calls?

  1. In this case, the internet rate of the given foreign operator is added on top of the minute rate of the MNP75service.

Whether it is possible to make calls in rural areas where Mobicom network is available?

  1. It is possible to download it and make calls in the areas with 3.5G network coverage.

Is it possible to make calls from the MNP75 number by using Mobicom mobile number?

  1. When calling from Mobicom phone number, the rates applicable outside the Mobicom network will be used:
    • 70₮ for calling from MobiZone number
    • 80₮ for calling from Mobicom number
    • 80₮ for calling from a prepaid phone number
  2. 16. When your PC is turned off, you cannot receive the incoming calls or store the call log.
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