How your bill is calculated?

  1. Your billing period ends by the last day of a month and the monthly phone bill is calculated accordingly. The bill is invoiced during the period 5th -8th of the subsequent month.
  2. The invoiced bill must be paid by 20th of the subsequent month. If the bill is paid within the 20th of the month, the customer will be entitled to enjoy 5% discount from the payment of the phone bill of the subsequent month.
  3. Your phone bill consists of the following components:
  •  Monthly charge of the given package;
  • Monthly charges of the additional services, if any;
  • The amount left after deduction of the relevant discounts from the billing period of 1-31 of the billing month;
  • Outstanding balance of the previous month, if any;
  • VAT.

What is a monthly charge?

Monthly charge is the basic fee for using the given service package for a period of one month. The basic fee is paid monthly depending on the package that you are using.

In the following case, no Monthly charge is paid:

  1. If a user officially approached to the service center and terminated or suspended the service;
  2. If no incoming or outgoing calls are made or no other types of additional services are used during the entire month (1st through 31st );
  3. In the event if the service provider (Mobicom) terminated the services entirely.


  • In the event if your service is suspended due to the failure to pay the bill, you are obliged to pay the monthly charge;
  • In the event if a service contract is signed in the middle of a month, the monthly charge is calculated and invoiced on the pro rata basis.   

What are the accompanying units?

These are the free units relevant to a given package and they are provided once in the beginning of a month, irrespective of whether the phone number contract is transferred to other person or not. The accompanying free units are applied to the following services:

  1. Calls within the network of Mobicom or to other cellular or fixed communication networks;
  2. Messages to be sent within the network of Mobicom or to other cellular or fixed communication networks;
  3. Free data units accompanying the given package. It is a data package provided regularly every month in various amounts depending on the amount of the monthly charge of the given month.

The accompanying free units shall not be applied to the following services:

  1. Promotional free minutes of local calls, roaming calls, international calls, special number calls;
  2. International messages, international roaming messages, messages sent to special numbers of additional services, messages sent to paid inquiry and special numbers;
  3. Data roaming, data package received when signing the contract and data package received at the request of the user;
  4. Message based additional services (content downloading, receiving data package or transferring units etc.)


  1. The unused free call units accompanying a package in the given month is carried over to the subsequent month, but in case of the free message units are not carried over to the subsequent month;
  2. The maximum number of the unused free minutes to be carried over to the subsequent month must not exceed the number of free units accompanying the given package. 
  3. The overall usage in excess of the accompanying free units is billed according to the basic rates of the relevant service.

Example of phone bill summary

Monthly charge:  
Monthly charge of the main package 35'000.00₮ Monthly charge of the main service and the additional service  
Missed call alert 450.00₮
Subtotal 35'450.00₮
Other usages 644.09₮ Charges of the calls made in excess of the accompanying free units and the calls not considered as accompanying free call units 
Other calls 1'237.34₮
Message 545.00₮
Total 2'426.43₮
DISCOUNT: Potential discounts for the given phone number  
Loyalty discount -2'426.43₮
Total 4'320.25₮
AMOUNT TO BE INVOICED: Amount of bill exclusive of VAT. If there is an adjustment, it is required to clarify it from the service staff
Adjustment 20.886.87₮
Amount exclusive of VAT 54'443.05₮
10% VAT 5'444.31₮ Total amount to be paid, inclusive of VAT
Total amount of the month 59'887.36₮  
Outstanding balance -52.20₮
Total amount to be paid 59'835.16₮
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