Questions and answers

  1. What is mobile internet?
    It is a complex name of the solution to use high speed broadband internet by using mobile phone and special devices (modem, express card or other accessory devices). It is simply an opportunity to get connected to high speed internet from places, where MobiCom 3G network is available, by using your mobile phone, modem or express card.
  2. What is MobiCom's mobile internet?
    Mobicom Corporation service gives you an opportunity to get connected to the internet by using your mobile phone or special devices (modem or express card).
  3. How to use the mobile internet service? What are the main requirements?
    To be connected to the internet from your mobile phone:
    - Your mobile phone must operate in 3.5G network;
    - Your phone must be compatible with 3.5G technology;
    - Your mobile phone must have GPRS/WAP settings;
    To be connected to internet by modem or express card:
    - Your modem or express card must have UMTS and HSPA;
    - Your modem or express card must operate in 3.5G network;
  4. How fast is the speed of connection to mobile internet? Is the internet speed constant or not?
    The potential download speed of mobile internet can be up to 14.4 Mbps and upload speed up to 5.6 Mbps respectively, and connection speed may vary depending on location, coverage, types of mobile phone and modem.
  5. Whether mobile internet service can be used only in places where 3.5G network is available?
    You can use high speed mobile internet service in 14 major urban areas where 3.5G network is available. You can also use low speed mobile internet in other areas where 2G network is available.
  6. How download and upload applications of mobile internet service are billed?
    Download and upload applications are not billed separately. Download and upload applications are billed together.
  7. How to suspend mobile internet service?
  8. In case if you want to limit your mobile internet service that connects your mobile phone to the internet, you may visit our service branch and make your request to suspend the service or dial the special number 2222 to make requests for termination of GPRS service.
  9. How to become a new customer?
    You can become a new customer by visiting our service branch, selecting your service package and purchasing mobile internet service number with 9506xxxx number and data package together with a special device (modem or express card).
  10. How to use SIM card with data allowance?
    A special device (modem or express card) with SIM card is used for getting connected to the internet.
  11. Is it possible for me to insert my mobile phone SIM card into the special device to get connected to the internet?
    Yes, you can get connected to internet by inserting your mobile phone SIM card into the special device, but you cannot get mobile phone service while you are connected to the internet. Use of mobile phone SIM card as mentioned above may cause damage to your mobile phone SIM card.
  12. Is it possible to use other mobile phone services by using a SIM with data allowance?
    The SIM with data allowance can be used only for the internet and sending texts to the special number 510 for the purpose of monitoring your internet usage.
  13. I tried to view YouTube by my phone using your 3G network, but failed. Why?
    It depends on your phone. Depending on the model of phone various players are installed on the phone. In order to view video from website, your phone must have a flash player.
  14. 3G sign is displayed on my phone, but I can not get connected to the internet by using my phone. Why?
    If you want to use mobile internet service, you can get internet service directly from your mobile phone after making GPRS setting.
  15. My phone is a 3G phone. To use my phone as a modem I installed everything and connected by cable, but I can not get connected to the internet. What is the reason?
    You must enter a user name and password in the "internet connection" section of your phone and dial *99# in the “Dial number” section.
  16. If I use GPRS internet connection after using 3.5G connection for a while, would the fee become expensive, or not?
    No. the same rate as 3.5G service is applied, but the speed becomes relatively low. Data transmission service rates of 3.5G and GPRS are same.
  17. What does 3G mean?
    3G means "Third generation" or mobile phone standard and next generation technology of mobile phones.
  18. What does 3,5G mean?
    3,5G means a next version of 3G technology with upgraded speed. In other words, it is a same thing like your phone gets the same speed as your PC to get connected to the internet.
  19. How many provinces have 3,5G network now?
    Our 3.5 G network is available to total of 14 provinces, including 18 major urban areas of these provinces.
  20. How to get service in the provinces where 3,5G network is available?
    It is possible to get the service through the MobiCom branches located in these provinces. For detailed information, contact MobiCom at #2222-1-3.
  21. Is it possible to use 3,5G SMART, Video Call, Mobile internet services in places where 3.5G network is not available?
    It is possible to use only mobile internet service in the places where 3.5G is not available. Other services cannot be used.
  22. When our county will be connected to 3,5G network?
    MobiCom Corporation is organizing the work of introducing 3,5 G network in a staged manner and it will reach your province in near future.
  23. If I purchase a 3,5G modem, shall I use the service only in the province center?
    If you purchase a modem that operates both on 2G and 3G networks, you can use the modem in any place where MobiCom network is available.
  24. How about coverage capacity of MobiCom 3,5G network?
    The MobiCom 3,5G network is capable to cover up to 36 km area from its base station during low traffic periods. During peak hours network coverage is reduced.
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