Questions and Answers

  • If a subscriber has an iPhone package and has purchased an iPhone with 24 months contract, is it possible to  transfer the number before expiration of the contract?

  • No, you are not permitted to change the number
  • Is a subscriber able to change their package once I have purchased my iPhone?

  • No, you can`t change the iPhone package.
  • On which plan/packages iPhone can be leased?

  • There are two packages for iPhone leasing: iPhone 54000 and MobiZone 29900. Subcribers can choose from those two depending on own needs
  • What kinds of discount are available to post-paid iPhone package users?

  • The customer can receive discounts such as group call discounts, on-time payment discount etc. However, the customer is not entitled to high usage or lifetime discounts.
  • When an iPhone package customer suspends the phone number temporarily or uses the phone number keeping service, is the iPhone lease payment and monthly charge still charged?

  • The iPhone package customers can not use the phone number keeping service, however, they can temporarily suspend their number.  Whether the number is suspended or not, the iPhone lease payment and the monthly charge are invoiced and billed as usual. 
  • How long is the iPhone warranty period ?

  • The iPhone warranty period is 12 months beginning from the date of activation of the service using  their iTunes. A customer must have their iPhone activated using their iTunes within 90 days of purchasing the iPhone.
  • Is it free of charge when a customer wants to exchange an existing Sim card for a Nano sim card?

  • Yes, there is no charge when a SIM card to be exchanged is not damaged or cut. Lost SIM cards will not be replaced for free.
  • Does a customer who purchases an iPhone outright by paying 100% of the selling price have to sign a 12 or 18 months contract?

  • No, these customers are able to choose from any MobiCom package. However, we do offer them a 35% discount on the iPhone 54,000₮ package for 12 months. It allows the customer to get an unlimited data usage plan for a monthly basic fee of only 35,000₮.
  • Is it necessary for a customer to move to an iPhone package from their existing package in order to get the iPhone with 12 or 18 months contract?

  • Yes. The customer must sign a 12 or 18 months iPhone bundle contract in order to purchase the iPhone by leasing with the discounted price.
  • Can a post-paid customer transfer to an iPhone package without changing their phone number?

  • Yes, the customer  can do so if they are eligible to lease an iPhone on 12 or 18 months contract term. It is also not necessary to wait until the first day of the following month to transfer to the iPhone package. The monthly charge of the new and the old packages are calculated in proportion with the number of days used and the inclusive free units of the new package will be fully provided. However,, the customer cannot transfer from an iPhone package to other packages.
  • You say that there is ‘unlimited data usage’ , so why is there is a rate of 1₮ per 10KB?

  • Access and downloads from the web site are not covered in the unlimited data usage, therefore an additional charge is applied.
  • Is the iPhone package price inclusive of VAT?

  • Yes, the iPhone package price and iPhone prices are inclusive of VAT.
  • Is the unused balance of the inclusive minutes of the iPhone package carried over to the next month?

  • No. the iPhone packages’s inclusive 900 minutes of free calls to any network must be used in the given month only. There is no carry over of unused minutes.
  • If a customer purchase an iPhone with 12 or 18 months lease and changes their package, is it necessary to wait until the 1st day of the next month?

  • In this case if the iPhone package is selected, the package is changed on the date requested by the customer.
  • Why it is possible to transfer immediately to an iPhone service package on the same day but not to other packages?

  • It is a special condition of the iPhone package. Moving to an iPhone package with your existing phone number is considered as a completely new service rather than a service package transfer.
  • Do you need to pay a registration fee and any difference in deposit amounts when transfering to an iPhone package from another service package?

  • No registration fee is paid if the customer transfers from other postpaid packages to the iPhone package, but the user should place the difference of deposits in the deposit account. However, the iPhone package itself has only 30,000₮ deposit, no difference is likely to be required. If the customer is transferring from the prepaid service to the iPhone package, a registration fee is applicable and will be calculated and paid by taking into account the used loyalty discount,  this deposit should be paid in full.    
  • Is it possible to activate a service that limits usage spending on the iPhone package?

  • No. When the phone is purchased on lease no additional usage limit service is activated. Therefore, no spending limit is selected.
  • Is it possible sign up for the iPhone package and select a new phone number?

  • No. In that case the customer is considered as a new customer and the new number doesn’t fulfill the leasing requirements. 
  •  I have purchased an iPhone on a 24 month lease, can I pay for it in full before the end of the 24 month contract term?

  • Yes. By paying the difference of the discounted price of the phone. However, the 24 month contractual term will continue and the user cannot lease another phone during this period.
  • Are iPhone accessories covered by a warranty?

  • Yes. A 12 month warranty applies in the same manner as the iPhone handset.
  • If a customer does not want to immediately activate the iPhone in iTunes how is the warranty period calculated?

  • A customer has 90 days from date of purchase to activate the phone using iTunes and commence the warranty period. If the phone is not activated within 90 days the customer should bring the receipt of the purchase to the service provider to extend the period.
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