Greetings from the Chairman & CEO

Welcome to MobiCom Corporation LLC, a world-class telecommunication company who provides comprehensive Information Communication Technology, “ICT”, service in Mongolia.

First of all, I would like to express my special thanks to all our customers and business partners who have been together with us for over 20 years in Mongolia and in abroad. At MobiCom, we believe that success comes from persistent business focus on our customer’s needs, demands and their satisfaction in rapidly evolving and changing market nowadays.

We always would to listen to the voice from our customers and the advices from our business partners communicating closely and enjoying the time being together. By doing so, we would like to do something better and smarter for customers and stimulate the market, and continue to move forward   making our tireless effort to meet all of your continuously growing ICT needs and demand. Our mission is not only to satisfy our customer but is to deliver something new beyond customer’s expectation proactively. Accordingly, we are sure that we can contribute Mongolian society further.   

In the dynamic telecommunication sector of Mongolia, it’s all about getting things right: getting the right people, the right technologies and products, at the right timing and with the right cost. Our ambition in everything we do is to make our lives further smarter and valuable. New era is coming to us at present. In new era, more cross-industry and more value added service would be delivered to all of you. MobiCom has been providing comprehensive “ICT” service for 20 years. However, that is not only the goal but our ultimate goal is to create “new commerce and society” through our ICT technology, service and experience preparing for “IoT”, Internet of Things era. In order to prepare for the forthcoming era, MobiCom will continue to make multi-billion tugrugs of investment into the ICT sector of Mongolia to improve the quality of our services, mobile data service, broad band internet, smart home solutions and office solutions based on our ultra-high speed data network backbone. 

In the complexity of people’s life style and society, no-one is in safe when it comes to your personal data and information; MobiCom is the only Mongolian operator to be accredited by International Quality Management ISO 9001 standard and International Data Security ISO 27001 standard. Following these standards, MobiCom is operating its business and can assure the data protection and privacy of each of you.

Beyond the business level, MobICom has been paying a lot of attention to activity of corporate social responsibility as well. We launched the largest social responsibility project in the area of improving basic conditions of hygiene and sanitation in rural primary schools. Since 2014, we have successfully installed modern toilet facilities at 35 soums across Mongolia, which serves about 25,000 children every day, protecting them from all kinds of infectious diseases. Moreover, we co-founded the Child Helpline 108, which already saved lives of over 7,600 children in Mongolia, who became victims of violence. The success of Child Helpline 108 has been highly valued by the ITU under the UN and was named as one of the TOP 4 global initiatives to protect child and youth’s rights.    

Within the past 20 year history MobiCom and its employees played an important role on forming mobile telecommunications industry, which helped to facilitate growth in the sectors that transformed the economy and brought tangible benefits for families and businesses across Mongolia. Our success story to date would not have been possible without the contribution of our customers and employees who have shared the exciting journey from day one in 1996 to now. Together with all our customers we will lead the ICT industry of Mongolia, creating thousands of opportunities to individuals and corporates and contributing the development of Mongolia.    

We appreciate your enduring support, and pledge to continue striving to exceed expectations. 

Thank you for visiting MobiCom’s website. 

Tatsuya Hamada
CEO of MobiCom Corporation

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