Social Responsibility

At MobiCom Corporation, we are commitment to contributing to the well-being of Mongolian society.  MobiCom has spent about MNT 5.5 billion for the social well being of Mongolia within the framework of its social responsibility during the 20 year period since its establishment. Over the years, MobiCom has sponsored or provided grant funds to activities and programs in support of education, child protection and health.  Below are a few program highlights:

  • “School Lunch” program:

Mobicom initiated and successfully implemented the first stage of the “School Lunch” Program at 12 secondary schools in the suburban areas of the capital city, providing lunch to 3,334 first and second graders. As a result of the Program, school attendance and tardiness issues were eliminated, class participation increased and illness decreased significantly.  The program was so successful that the Government and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences took the “School Lunch” Program nationwide, implementing it in all the public secondary schools across Mongolia.

  • “Mobi-Aspiration” Program.   

The Mobi-Aspiration Program, a project targeted at the equipping secondary schools and teachers with computers, high-speed Internet, projectors and e-training to improve education management and the learning and teaching experience. The program was implemented in 19 schools of the Bayanzurkh District of Ulaanbaatar, 5 schools in each of Gobi-Altai and Dornogobi provinces as well as in the schools of Tsogttsetsii County in Umnugobi Province.  The new technology enabled schools to simplify activities and save money by minimizing the use of paper.

  • School and kindergarten capital repairs.

In the 2007, MobiCom provided about 30,000 children with an opportunity to study in a comfortable environment by repairing 19 public secondary schools and kindergartens in Ulaanbaatar.

  • A model IT school. 

The secondary school No. 24 in the Chingeltei District of Ulaanbaatar now has a model IT center at that school. The school is fully equipped with the latest advanced training equipment, Internet connection, an e-library and e-lesson, and web-based distance learning opportunities.

  • Health and social welfare.

MobiCom has made several donations to provide much needed equipment and supplies to health institutions, including the provision of portable diagnostic equipment, an oxygen concentrator, a SARS diagnostic device and other supplies to the 2nd maternity hospital. We also equipped hospital No. 1 with a nano technology washing machine. MobiCom sponsored free medical checks for the elderly at other institutions.

  • Sports.

MobiCom has sponsored many sports events, such as the annual chess tournament; donation of a complete set of equipment for the Mongolian shooting athletes that participated in the Athens Olympics; support for the basketball super league’s Sharks team of the University of Sciences and Technology; the traditional annual Walking Tour of university and college students; the public marathon named after the MobiCom Corporation; the Junior World Free Style Wrestling Championship organized in Mongolia; sumo wrestlers matches; rewards and travel costs of the Para - Olympics athletes; bowling, archery and badminton competitions.

  • Olympiads.

MobiCom has sponsored various Olympiads education and youth. It organized the state programming Olympiads, state mathematical Olympiads and international mathematical Olympiads and sponsored the costs of the successful children and teachers.

  • Soft loans for funding tuition fees.

MobiCom provides soft loans every year to 50 college or university students studying in the fields of business management and engineering.

  • Child helpline

The children’s helpline initiated jointly by MobiCom and World Vision Mongolia delivers services for children at risk.  Services includes psychological counseling, training, inquiry service and 24 hour emergency assistance to youth, parents and teachers with the support of the National Agency for Children. MobiCom provides technical support and software to the Children’s Helpline Center.

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