Special numbers for SMS-activated services:

Activate your favorite services right from your phone by texting to the following numbers.

Special number

Service name

Brief description

Special numbers for main services


Be service

Be brand is MobiCom's pre-paid service bundle designed for customers aged 14-23 years. Be brand customers can use this number to get various discounts and promotions. More.


Search for numbers similar to your current mobile number (same last 4 digits)

Use this to seek numbers with same last 4 digits as your own number.


Purchase a handset on leasing conditions Check your eligibility for handset lease service 


Download content from website for children

Designated and created for children, Stars package subscriber may register on stars.mobicom.mn website to download children's interesting contents free of charge. Charges shall apply to non-star subscribers. Non-star subscriber may receive Stars package services by registering and activating Stars package services. More


Check account balance

Post-paid subscriber cam check the monthly usage for the current  month as well as previous months yia SMS. More


Internet data package, 4G service

Activate internet data bundles and check balance via SMS to the spiecal number 592. More

Special number for value added services
202 Voice mail service The Voice mail service , get all the incoming calls even if unable to answer them. You can playback the voice mail available More.
209 My Mobi menu This services enables to use MobiXpress services, State Bank and Capital Bank services via Mobile Bank by using My Mobi menu located in MobiCom menu of a subscriber's handset

Friends and Family discount

You may register up to 5 most frequently calling subscribers  in "Friends and Family discount " service at and make calls at the lowest calling tariff. Call tariff 25MNT per min. 


Stars package

Stars is a pre-paid service package designed for youth aged up to 14. Stars subscribers can use this number to activate various discounts and promotions.

422 Magic Voice service

Magic Voice service enables you to change your voice and add various sounds during an outgoing call. 


Voice greeting service

This service enables you to send ready-composed voice greetings, quatrains, verses to your loved ones on special occasions like celebrations, holidays and memorable events as a call on receiver's phone. You may use this number to send voice greetings. 


Missed call keeper & notification service 

Missed call keeper, notification services send you to  SMS notification on missed calls when a calling party's handset is out range or turned off. A subscriber shall receive incoming call notification via SMS from number 450. 


HiTONE service

HiTONE enables a calling party to enjoy music or melody while the call is being transferred to you. Your selected music or melody shall reflect your unique image. 


Caller ID hiding service

By registering for Caller ID hiding service, you can  hide your Caller ID when making outgoing calls to other subscribers. You may use this number to activate and cancel Caller ID hiding services.

560 Number keeping service This service enables post-paid and hybrid subscribers to keep their mobile numbers for up to 3 months free of charge.
586 Mobile Bank Menu You may use this number to install State Bank, Khaan Bank and Khas Bank Mobile Bank service menu on MobiCom  menu of your handset.

Surprise/Unit transfer service

This service enables a subscriber to transfer units to other subscribers of own network and charge other subscribers accounts with basic and bundle cards. You may use this number to activate unit transfer services.

599 International roaming service

This service enables a subscriber to use own handset while traveling abroad. You may activate, cancel and receive pricing and tariff information using special number 599.

Групп компаний үйлчилгээ ашигладаг тусгай дугаар

Candy, the largest loyalty program in Mongolia

581 MobiXpress service E-money, MobiXpress enables you to deposit, withdraw, transfer money to MobiCom handset account (MobiXpress account) and make payments in prompt and reliable manner
591 MobiNet Easy service When MobiNet internet services are expired, MobiNet Easy service enables a subscriber to use Internet for 24 hours.
MobiNet Booster MobiNet Booster service enables MobiNet home broadband subscriber to increase Internet speed by 10Mbps, 25Mbps, and 50Mbps respectively.
MobiNet SMS pay Pre-paid Home broadband MobiNet subscriber may extend service term using access username.
593 MobiNet Wi-Fi

A subscriber is enabled to use MobiNet Wi-Fi internet services within reachable range by texting the activation code to 593. A subscriber with unexpired MobiCom data package is allowed to use MobiNet Wi-Fi free of charge.

598 Globus card You may use this special number to  purchase Globus international calling card via your handset, charge other subscribers' account and check your account balance.

To activate Ulusnet internet service 

Use special number 633 to purchase Ulusnet internet service via your phone 

Special numbers to receive service information

You can get updates on the following services by texting to the following numbers.
(Prepaid customers can call 213 for updates.)

Тусгай дугаар

Үйлчилгээний нэр

Хураангуй тайлбар
213 Change language Pre-paid subscriber may change 212 dial service language (Mongolian, English) for checking account balance, charging account by dialing 213. 


Chance service

A subscriber may send "Call me" request ("Chance 1") and make call signal ("Chance 3")  to other subscribers for the purposes of sending requests and activate various services. A subscriber shall receive service information SMS from this number. 

My account service

A post-paid and Hybrid subscribers shall receive information regarding activating My account service, checking account balance and changing password from this special number. 

Number to receive upon service activation

A subscriber shall receive service activation notification from this number regarding service activation after applyinig to customer branch and Call center 2222.


MobiCom website and application

A subscriber shall receive notification/confirmation information regarding registration on MobiCom website and MobiCom application from this number. 

Billing information

A special number to receive billing information for post-paid and hybrid subscribers. 


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