2016.05.17. MobiCom has launched its 4G-LTE service – the fastest-world standard in mobile data – to meet the growing and evolving communications needs of Mongolian customers. MobiCom’s new, state-of-the-art mobile internet service was launched at the ICT Expo 2016 today, and marks  a new era for mobile data use, enabling customers to download or watch what they want, anywhere without delay. Speed is why so many people are excited about 4G LTE.  Data is a part of many peoples’ lives and the ability to use and experience the Internet in a quicker, richer way, opens new possibilities for both business and individuals.

We are delighted that just 4 months after receiving its license, MobiCom has tendered and awarded contracts for LTE equipment supply, made its initial multi-billion tugrug investment and shipped and installed its brand-new 4G base-stations.

“Last year, MobiCom showcased the phenomenal power of 4G-LTE at the ICT Expo. This year, we are thrilled to bring this service to our 1.3 million customers, as promised. 4G LTE will play a part in the economic growth of the country, as even now it is creating jobs for engineers and construction companies and builders implementing the sites, and now it is on-air it will create more jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs in the content businesses through to corporate customers, so normal consumer customers will be able to lead easier, more productive and more enjoyable lives” said CEO David Holliday. “The launch of 4G-LTE today, in MobiCom’s 20th year – is a major milestone. Developed in partnership with Alcatel, this initial 4G phase reflects the highest technological standards,” he added. “This gives MobiCom customers the fastest possible 4G service and data security.”

4G-LTE (Fourth Generation / Long Term Evolution) is the next stage in mobile network development and provides users with faster data speed and much better user experience. Speedier, more stable downloads via 4G LTE will liberate consumers, freeing them to watch, talk and listen more easily than ever, without pixilation or delay.

MobiCom will continue to expand its 4G LTE coverage every month from now on and this will continue through to the end of 2017, representing massive investments, and a huge vote of confidence in how MobiCom views Mongolia developing, and when the economy improves, MobiCom customers will be best served to take advantage of new opportunities.  

With the launch of 4G, MobiCom will also unleash its new TV service, MobiPlay, allowing customers to watch video and live television on their smartphones, tablets, iPads or desktops via the Internet. Subscribers can catch their favorite Hollywood and Mongolian movies plus TV shows on MobiPlay, through such channels as MovieBox, DreamBox, HBO, Discovery Channel and Bloomberg TV Mongolia. MobiPlay puts you in control of your TV viewing, so you can watch what you want, when you want, where you want.

Expo guests can explore all that is possible with the newest in 4G LTE and MobiPlay TV at MobiCom’s booth.  Get your 4G compatible devices from MobiCom with a 1-year warranty, certificate of authenticity and favorable payment conditions – and start experiencing the best 4G LTE service.

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