By meeting the following criteria, you will be eligible to purchase handset or device through a lease:

  • Your mobile number must be registered under your name for 12 months or more
  • The monthly bill of your handset should be above 29'000 MNT for 12 consecutive months before leasing another handset or device
  • Do not have an outstanding balance of your bill payment
  • Do not have an existing phone lease under the phone number or your name
  • Do not have additional restrictions on the usage of your current number or phone plan
  • Do not have an outstanding lease balance in banks or any other Non-Banking Financial Institutions
  • Do not have an outstanding lease balance with the MobiCom Corporation

To lease a handset, you need to submit the following documents: 

  • ID / or ID inquiry
  • Fingerprint

You can determine your eligibility to a handset lease through the following methods:

  • send letter "i" message to special number 366
  • visit the nearest Mobicom branch store 

If your last handset leasing duration is more than six months, you will be able to lease the next handset by paying off the remaining balance. 

  • You must have purchased the current handset with a full price
  • You must have paid the leasing regularly for six months
  • Must meet the eligibility criteria for a new handset leasing
  • Pay the remaining balance of your current handset leasing according to the contract terms
  • Must not reduce the previous handset leasing plan

The price, terms, and conditions of your new handset leasing shall also apply to the general terms of the general services of that handset.

In cases of a contract early termination or failure to pay a monthly bill, the Customer shall be subject to a fine according to the agreement.